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When a Signed Waiver of Counsel May Not Be Sufficient to Enhance an OVI to a Felony With felony OVI arrests on the rise, practitioners need to look in depth at each client’s prior OVI convictions to…

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Two Strikes and You’re Out! Commercial Driver’s License and a second-offense OVI = Disqualification for life The intersection of Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) law and…

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Dayton DUI Attorney Get a TOP COP Dayton DUI Attorney to Defend You From Your Ohio Drunk Driving (OVI) Charge

Law, LLC, was founded by , who was a TOP COP and OVI/DUI Police Instructor before he became a drunk driving defense lawyer.

When he was a policeman, Mark trained other police officers in DUI and OVI procedures. Now as a lawyer he trains other defense lawyers in DUI and OVI law and procedure.

When he was a policeman, Mark was awarded the TOP COP Award by the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.) seven years in a row. Now as a lawyer he has been selected by the Dayton Bar Association to participate in its inaugural Leadership Development Program.

An Ohio Drunk Driving (OVI) Arrest Is Serious

A conviction for Operating a Vehicle under the Influence of alcohol or drugs (OVI) in
Ohio is significant, carrying with it penalties consisting of jail time, a substantial fine, and a driver’s license suspension.

If you have been arrested on an Ohio drunk driving charge then you need to find a way
to defend yourself as well as possible in this frightening time of your life.

Get the Right Ohio Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer to Defend You

This is a critical time in your life. Don’t take chances. Make sure that you get the best person
that you can to help you.

When you shop for your OVI defense lawyer, look for a law firm that is:

  • Experienced in dealing with Ohio OVI/DUI cases.
  • Focused on OVI/DUI defense work as a majority of the practice.
  • Knowledgeable about Ohio police practices regarding drunk driving arrests.
  • Knowledgeable about drug and alcohol testing procedures used by the police.
  • Experienced in working with the prosecutors and judges in your area.

Get a Free Evaluation of Your OVI Case From an Experienced Dayton Drunk Driving Defense Firm

We want to:

  • Keep you out of jail.
  • Protect your job.
  • Get your car back.
  • Get back your driving privileges.

Consultations are free. If you are not already represented by an Ohio drunk driving defense lawyer and want our evaluation, give us a brief description of your case using the form on this page. Or you may contact us.

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Trial Strategy
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Closing Arguments
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